Technical Information and Spareparts

... from the original London Taxi as we all know it, the FX4 model series.

Here you will find;
- a general technical overview of the different London Taxi variants through the years and
- special spareparts information (at the moment only for the FX4).

Lateron the technical information as there are those for repair and maintenance (from workshopmanuals) and also material will be available on eg.; the 'Q'-Cab and the Perkins Diesel conversion from MD etc. Down below you will find a requestform.

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... FX4 (1958-1997): ... and ... information (dutch).

Here is the first article on a technical subject that might be of interest to you.

1. Glowplug Systems part1

The model FX4 build from 1958 to 1997 (Chassis-nr.).

First of all an overview of the different models and engines (and others);
1. FX4, 2.2 L Austin Diesel engine: 1958-1972, (00001- .....)
2. FX4, 2.5 L Austin Diesel engine: 1972-1982, (..... - 55870)
3. FX4R, 2.2 L Rover Diesel engine: 1982-1985, (55871 - 61964)
4. FX4S, 2.5 L Rover Diesel engine: 1985-1987, (61965 - 65708) (electric rear door locking system)
5. FX4S-Plus, 2.5 L Rover Diesel engine: 1987-1989, (65709 - 69098) (new interior, dashboard and better cooling)
6. Fairway, 2.7 L Nissan Diesel engine: 1989-1991, (69099 - 76588) (wheelchair access and plastic door handles)
7. Fairway Driver, 2.7 L Nissan Diesel engine: 1991-1997, (76589 - .....) (new front-, rearaxle and brakesystem)

Here you can download the Driver's Handbook for each model and print it out:
(all are about 6Mb so it can take some time)

   2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.

These descriptions will be used. From the FX4 models there is quite a lot of information available. The FX4S-Plus and Fairway (Driver), is still to be seen in London and several other cities in England.

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